For 60 years, Avemco has been protecting aircraft owners and pilots. From homebuilt aircraft insurance to certified flight instructor insurance, Avemco connects you directly with an aviation insurance specialist to ensure that you are getting the best coverage for your situation. Find the product you are looking for below and request a quote today!




Aircraft Owner Insurance

Owned Insurance

If you are an aircraft owner, Avemco's liability insurance will protect you against claims arising from Bodily Injury or Property Damage you may caused to others. This is liability coverage for claims made against you by third parties for which the law holds you liable. For more information, visit our Owned Aircraft Insurance page

Homebuilt Insurance

Avemco offers coverage for both the building phase and when your aircraft is ready to fly. If you are building for personal use, learn more about which coverages will work best for you. For Homebuilt, Experimental, and Kitbuilt coverage, visit our Homebuilt Insurance page.

Aircraft Trader Insurance

Avemco’s Aircraft Trader Policy has a specific endorsement that expands the standard policy to include coverage for buying and selling aircraft on a limited basis. For more information on the limits and the number of aircraft you can insure, what types of aircraft are covered and more, visit our Aircraft Trader Insurance page.

Mexico Liability Insurance

Though the Avemco insurance policy territory covers flying into, in, and out of Mexico, it’s important for your aircraft to be protected by the liability insurance required by Mexico. For additional coverage options and suggested Mexico Insurance specialists, visit our Aviation Insurance for Mexico page

Aircraft Renter’s Insurance

When you are renting or borrowing an aircraft, don’t assume that your flight school or friend has you covered. Their policy may not protect you from a lawsuit if you injure someone or damage property. Avemco Renter’s Insurance can protect you and the plane you are renting. For more information on what the policy covers, what you will pay, and rates & options, visit our Aircraft Renter’s Insurance page.


Certified Flight Instructor Insurance

CFI Non-Owned Insurance

If you are a Certified Flight Instructor who teaches in an aircraft you do not own, Avemco’s CFI Non-Owned insurance is designed for you. This coverage applies when you are in the aircraft providing instruction and allows you to give others dual flight instruction, flight reviews and check rides. For more information on the policy coverage, CFI Non-Owned Endorsement, and rates & options, visit our CFI Non-Owned Insurance Page.

NAFI CFI Insurance Program

If you are a member of the National Association of Flight Instructors, you are eligible for many advantages through Avemco’s NAFI CFI Insurance Program. Among other benefits, it provides coverage for past instruction. You can save on your premium by only purchasing coverage for the class of aircraft in which you instruct.  To learn more about this Insurance Program’s competitive rates, visit our NAFI CFI Insurance Program page.

CFI Owned Insurance

Avemco’s CFI Owned policy provides protection for pilots whose sole purpose of owning the aircraft is not to teach, in other words, those whose flight instruction is incidental to their aircraft ownership. If you are a part-time Certified Flight Instructor who instructs 5 students or fewer in your own aircraft, visit our CFI Owned Insurance page to get your quote today!


Flying Club Insurance

Avemco is a primary insurer of non-commercial flying clubs in the United States. A non-commercial flying club is defined as one or more aircraft owned equally by more than five individuals (we can also insure flying clubs with less than five members), operating under by-laws, and being used for personal and not-for-profit use. Avemco’s policy allows for cross liability protection between flying club members. For more information on the limit of liability coverage, which aircraft are eligible for flying clubs and more, visit our Flying Club Insurance page.


Life Insurance for Pilots

Avemco has partnered with the Pilot Insurance Center which developed a program that allows Avemco customers to benefit from pilot-friendly underwriting considerations. This program offers competitive pilot life insurance rates from leading life insurers, full coverage from A.M. Best “A” rated companies, and no aviation exclusions or surcharges. To get your quote today, visit our Life Insurance for Pilots page.