If you need personal aircraft insurance, Avemco will connect you directly with an underwriter empowered to make decisions, solve problems, and approve coverage based on your individual situation, not what some rulebook says. Avemco offers a wide range of liability and hull coverage options, as well as the opportunity to save up to 25% on your annual premium*! If you do not own the aircraft you fly in but still need coverage, visit our Aviation Insurance Products page to learn more about our other policies.

How Much Does Aircraft Insurance Cost?

The cost of aircraft insurance depends on multiple factors, and you can be assured that Avemco’s specialists ensure that you get the right policy for your individual situation. Factors that affect the price of your aircraft insurance include the type and size of your plane, your training and flying history, the number of passengers your plane holds, and more. We recommend having the most coverage you can reasonably afford. Speak with an aviation insurance specialist at Avemco today to find the policy that’s right for you!

What is Covered by Liability Insurance?

Avemco’s Liability insurance provides Bodily Injury and Property Damage protection*. This coverage makes sure you are protected if you cause damage to others and claims are made against you by third parties for which the law holds you legally liable. Our commitment is to defend you and pay your legal fees if you are sued.  If you are at fault, Avemco will pay for the damages according to the terms of your policy. Avemco’s policy also includes unlimited legal defense costs. If you rent an airplane but still need insurance, go to our Aircraft Renters Insurance page for more information.

Note: This coverage is not first-party medical or life insurance.

What is Aircraft Hull Insurance?

While Aircraft Liability protects you if you damage someone else or their property, Aircraft Hull insurance provides coverage for physical damage to your aircraft, whether in flight, taxiing, or on the ground. There are many options for hull coverage. Our aviation insurance specialists will craft a policy based on your individual situation.

How Much Aircraft Insurance Should You Have?

When deciding how much personal airplane insurance you should carry, consider these factors:

  • Your personal assets
  • Your earnings
  • The liability limits you carry on other insurance policies (homeowner's, auto, etc.) 
  • Whom you carry as passengers
  • How the aircraft is used
  • How much insurance you can afford


These factors will play a large role in determining what policy is best for your unique situation. It’s also important to note that the ability of your insurance company to resolve claims is just as important as your liability limit. Avemco has a proven track record of success in the complex world of aviation litigation!

Ready to Purchase your Aircraft Insurance?

If you are ready to find a policy that’s right for you, start your quote online today! If you still need more information, call (888) 241 7891 to speak with an aviation insurance specialist!

* Premium credits apply to Direct Approach Aircraft Insurance Policy POL0001 and are subject to underwriting guidelines.