NAFI CFI Insurance Program Rates and Options

Avemco designed the NAFI CFI Insurance Program so that members can customize their policies based on the class of aircraft in which they instruct. Options are available for instruction in:

  • ASEL (Airplane Single-Engine Land)
  • SLSA (Special Light Sport Airplane)
  • ASES (Airplane Single-Engine Sea)
  • AMEL (Airplane Multi-Engine Land)
  • ELSA (Experimental Light Sport Airplane)
  • Amateur Built

Note: Actual premiums will be higher in Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey and West Virginia due to additional charges assessed in those states. If you are a Kentucky resident, please contact us at (888) 241 7891 for a quotation as our online quote system cannot calculate the various local government taxes assessed in your state.

Click on the pricing option below for rates based on your particular product needs: