Special Coverages for Instructors

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We agree to allow you to give others dual flight instruction, flight reviews and check rides. You may charge for this.

This endorsement does not provide professional malpractice insurance. It applies only while you are giving dual flight instruction, flight reviews or check rides in a non-owned aircraft.

Definition 6, "Non-owned aircraft," in your Policy is changed to read:

6."Non-owned aircraft" means an aircraft you rent or borrow. It also includes an aircraft that is rented, borrowed or owned by the person to whom you are giving dual flight instruction, a flight review or a check ride. Its use must be with the owner's permission. It cannot be owned in whole or in part by, or furnished for more than 30 consecutive days to:

  1. you or your spouse;
  2. parents, children, brothers or sisters of you or your spouse;
  3. a corporation, partnership or other organization in which any combination of people shown in (a) and (b) above own more than 20%.

It must have all of the following:

  1. fixed wings;
  2. a standard airworthiness certificate, or be certified by the FAA as Special Light Sport Aircraft in the Airplane or Glider category;
  3. United States or Canadian registry.

It must not have any of the following:

  1. a turbine engine;
  2. an engine with more than 450 horsepower;
  3. more than 7 seats;
  4. more than one engine.