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NAFI CFI Insurance Program

If you’re a NAFI Member who instructs in an airplane you don’t own, the NAFI CFI Insurance Program from Avemco Insurance Company can save you money.*

  • Only Avemco® can insure you instantly online or with just one phone call to (888) 241 7891.
  • Avemco gives you the option to save money by only purchasing coverage for the class of aircraft in which you instruct, including: SEL, MEL, LSA, Seaplane, Amateur-built and Experimental LSA.
  • Avemco provides liability coverage for professional CFIs, including coverage for past instruction as long as you have an active policy in force at the time of the accident.
  • Avemco CFI aircraft insurance gives you Liability Coverage for instruction, flight reviews, check rides and your personal flying
  • Avemco CFI aircraft insurance pays you up to $5,000 in legal defense costs if the FAA or civil authority takes pilot certificate enforcement or civil penalty action against you for a covered loss or accident.
  • Only Avemco CFI aircraft insurance connects you directly with a decision-maker empowered to solve problems and approve coverage based on your situation, not what some rulebook says.


Save up to 10% on your annual premium with the Safety Rewards Program.

See all the features and benefits of the NAFI CFI Insurance Program.

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  • Policy not available in Hawaii.
  • Online quotations are not available to Kentucky residents (due to state tax requirements).
  • Non-owned aircraft policies are available to individuals, not businesses.
  • Employers who request additional insured status may be added to the policy (additional premium may apply) if your employer is not engaged in an aviation business. For employers that are engaged in an aviation business please call (888) 241 7891 for additional information.

*Premium credits apply to Direct Approach Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Policy POL0002 (01/01/2011) and are subject to underwriting guidelines.