Homebuilt / Experimental Aircraft Insurance

Key Construction/Reconstruction Insurance Policy Features and Benefits*

Coverage for your project while underway in your home workshop, garage or hangar.

Up to $15 for each documented hour of labor to assemble or reconstruct your aircraft.

$25,000 liability coverage is provided for damage to rented or leased hangars.

Ability to customize and modify your insurance coverage as you build your aircraft, based

upon where you are in the construction process.

Key In-Flight Insurance Policy Features and Benefits*

Up to 25% annual premium credit for having Avemco-approved recurrent training or

earning new ratings, having an instrument rating, completing a FAASTeam Wings Course,

hangaring your aircraft and being claims-free for at least a year.

Policy pays up to $15/hour for your labor to repair damage done to your project.

No surcharge for liability-only coverage.

Only Avemco will pay your covered claim even if your condition inspection, medical, or

flight review accidentally expires midterm.

No cap on legal fees for covered claims even if you are sued for more than your liability


Avemco will pay up to $5,000 for your legal defense if an FAA pilot certificate enforcement

or civil penalty action is brought against you as a result of a covered accident or loss.

No "blanket" FAR exclusions.

Storage coverage available when aircraft is stored or in for extended maintenance or


Option of per-passenger coverage or economical per-person coverage.

We pay to retrieve your aircraft after an off-airport landing, even if it isn't damaged when

you purchase in-flight hull coverage.

Avemco has an earned reputation for fast, fair claims handling.

Additional Homebuilt, Kitbuilt And Experimental Policy Features*

We insure pilots regardless of age who meet general underwriting requirements.

Pilots named on your policy can pay you for their personal, non-commercial use of your insured aircraft.

No N# blocking.

We base total loss payment on the insured value, not a "Blue Book" or actual cash value.

Disappearing deductible for loss due to fire, lightning, explosion, or a total loss (in most cases).

No separate deductible for gear up landings.

No restrictions on payment for covered Hail Damage.

No hidden hurricane damage deductibles.

Coverage on grass strips for most aircraft.

When you add or replace aircraft, up to 30 days coverage is automatically provided, as long as the replacement airplane meets the definition of "insured aircraft" in the policy.

$25,000 liability coverage is provided for damage to rented or leased hangars.

We pay up to $1,000 for damage to passengers' personal effects.

Coverage for liability arising out of the use of the area you rent to park, tie-down or store your airplane.

Fleet discounts available if we insure more than one aircraft on the same policy.

We allow on the spot mid-term changes that can save premium.

We do not subrogate against named insured pilots.

Pays for runway foam in the event of an emergency landing and/or covered loss.

Convenient payment plan with no finance charges.*

Avemco accepts major credit cards for owned aircraft premium payments.

* Premium credits apply to the Direct Approach Aircraft Insurance Policy POL0001 (01/01/2011) and are subject to underwriting guidelines. A low annual service fee applies to quarterly payment plans, per policy year.