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Aircraft Renters Insurance

Your FBO’s insurance protects their own interests. Not yours. You could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace their airplane. Hurt someone or damage property and you may get sued. Even a bent wingtip could pay for your Avemco Non-Owned insurance policy many times over.

  1. Avemco can insure you instantly* online or with just one phone call to (888) 241 7891.
  2. Liability coverage for bodily injury and damage to property.
  3. Optional Aircraft Damage Liability (ADL) for coverage of damage to the non-owned aircraft.
  4. No deductible, ever.
  5. No cap on legal fees, even if you are sued for more than your liability limit for covered claims.
  6. No blanket FAR exclusions.
  7. Up to $5,000 for necessary medical expenses.
  8. Avemco is rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best,* insuring pilots for over 50 years.

You can save up to 10% on your annual premium with the Avemco Safety Rewards Program.

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*Premium credits apply to the Direct Approach Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Policy POL0002 and are subject to underwriting guidelines. Online quotations are not available to Kentucky residents (due to a state tax requirements) Please call us at (888) 241-7891 for information on obtaining coverage. Non-owned aircraft policies are available to individuals, not businesses. You are required to be of legal age in your state to enter into a contract. Employers may be added as an additional insured (additional premium may apply) if your employer is not engaged in an aviation business. If your employer is engaged in an aviation business please call us at (888) 241 7891 for more information. We do not provide coverage to rent or borrow rotorcraft or seaplanes.