You agree with us that certain portions of this Policy are amended as follows:

I. Definition 12 of DEFINITIONS USED IN THIS POLICY is replaced by the following:
12. "Insured person" means:

  1. you;
  2. anyone who is a member of your flying club;
  3. anyone who has an ownership interest in your flying club;
  4. a person or organization using, or responsible for the use of, your insured aircraft with your permission. However, persons or organizations while engaged in:
    1. making
    2. repairing;
    3. servicing;
    4. selling;
    5. fueling;
    6. towing;
    7. chartering;
    8. renting; any aircraft or any aircraft component; or while:
    9. operating an airport, hangar, aircraft tiedown or parking facility, flying club or flight training facility;
    10. providing pilot, crew or flight instruction services; are not insured persons when the accident arises out of, or occurs during, the conduct of such activities. Flying club members or organizations conducting any of the above activities are not insured persons even if they would otherwise be considered an insured person by virtue of Item 12 b or 12 c above.

II. Exclusion 4 of ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIONS APPLYING TO COVERAGE A is replaced by the following:
This coverage does not apply to:
4. Bodily injury to:

  1. an occupant unless Item 5 of the Data Page shows "including occupants";
  2. an employee of any insured person when workers' compensation is available or required to compensate the employee of the insured person against whom the claim is made;
  3. an insured person, while operating an insured aircraft;

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