Recurrent Training and Insurance

September 2022

Accident prevention is a critical component of Avemco Insurance Company’s business. As the only direct insurer of general aviation aircraft, we are in the unique position of forging a personal relationship with our customers, while at the same time having a clearer understanding of accident causes, since we also pay the claims.


The best way to become a safer pilot isn’t necessarily through more training but through more effective training. You might be surprised to learn that several of the claims we see each week are caused by pilots poorly executing the four fundamentals. That’s right … climbs, turns, descents, and straight and level flight.


One obvious recommendation we have is to master the fundamentals. They aren’t exciting, but they’ll help keep you safe. As we review the hundreds of claim reports Avemco receives every year, we’re convinced that pilots could dramatically decrease the claim count and cost if they would focus more on the fundamentals of flying.  When you are at 3,000 feet you can be “off” on executing the four fundamentals and everything may still be OK.  However, being “off” on the four fundamentals while close to the ground, as in landing, can have grave consequences and may cost you more than just a little embarrassment.


To both reward and encourage pilots to begin a program of lifelong learning, we developed the Avemco Safety Rewards program. This program provides premium credits (discounts) to pilots who go beyond the minimum FAA requirements (flight review) and complete recognized training on an annual basis.  Aside from insurance premium discounts, the benefits include a deeper sense of confidence in the pilot’s abilities during an emergency and the security that comes with repeatedly performing a task under adverse conditions.


Of course, Avemco has a financial stake in your safety, but we also have a stake in you and all of general aviation.  We are passionate about general aviation and happy to encourage you to become a more proficient pilot through the Avemco Safety Rewards Program.  Learning to be a safer, more capable pilot is its own reward. Show your commitment, earn insurance premium discounts, and become more aeronautically fit by participating! Visit Avemco Safety Rewards Program for details.


Better yet, if you are in the area, come see us this month at the Hangout that will be held at Felts Field Airport, in Spokane, WA (KSFF) on September 9 and 10. Avemco will also be helping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Zenith Aircraft Manufacturing in Mexico, MO, on September 16 and 17. We would like to hear your thoughts on how you are developing your culture of safety.


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