It’s a Wrap!


December 2016

As the year winds down, I thought it would be beneficial to look back at 2016 and provide you with some of my thoughts and some useful information for you as our customer, but more importantly as a general aviation pilot.

In today’s world of electronic communication and website business transactions one of the most enjoyable and valuable forms of communication continues to be face-to-face. To that end, I and the underwriters at Avemco traveled to aviation gatherings in some of your neighborhoods to meet you in person. From the Northwest Aviation show in Puyallup, Washington in February to the final AOPA Fly In at Prescott, Arizona in October, we enjoyed chatting with you, our loyal customers, potential insureds and friends. Everywhere we went the common theme was our shared enthusiasm and passion for general aviation.

As a WINGS seminar presenter, I am fortunate to be able to impart safety information, not only from my own perspective as a fellow pilot, but more importantly as to how it impacts you and the insurance coverage you carry. To learn more about this FAA program, and the safety seminars provided around the country each year, here.

Avemco continues to support safety-based programs such as the Bonanza & Baron Pilot Training (BPT) for type-specific training, risk management, and prudent decision making. In addition, we are a contributor to various aviation outreach activities such as the Aviation Education & Career Expo, where 650 high school students get to meet aviation vendors from across the country and win scholarships to aviation colleges and universities. We also are committed to supporting other national events that are staged throughout the year, with an emphasis on promoting safety.

In an increasingly uncertain world, we are proud of the consistency and rock-solid reputation of Avemco, since our founding in 1961. As the only direct writer of aviation insurance in the United States of America, we continually dedicate ourselves to providing customers with a superior insurance product and with a variety of educational information and benefits to help you become better, safer pilots.

In closing, I want to wish you, your family and friends a happy and safe holiday season.

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Mike Adams, Senior Vice President of Underwriting, is an instrument-rated pilot, and a former President of the Oregon Pilots Association. Mike holds a property/casualty insurance license in all 50 states. His more than 30 years of combined experience with general aviation and the aviation insurance industry helps pilots to understand why many of Avemco’s coverages and underwriting decisions are designed to help keep them safe.

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