Celebration of 60 Years of Service

Michael Donovan, President, Avemco Insurance Company

February 2021

We are proud to be celebrating 60 years of protecting general aviation pilots and their aircraft. That makes this the ideal moment for me to thank our valued customers who have made such a long history of service possible. The loyalty of Avemco customers is unparalleled in the aviation insurance world. We have been privileged to serve some pilots for as long as 40 uninterrupted years. And thousands of Avemco customers have stood with us for more than 20 years. With this level of loyalty and commitment from our customers, we are continuously inspired to raise the bar on the quality of products and services that we provide.

Throughout the past 60 years, some things have remained unchanged in our approach to doing business. We were then and remain the only “direct” aviation insurance company in the United States, meaning there is no insurance broker that stands between you and us. We’re also the only aviation insurance company that actively encourages our customers to call us whenever they have a question, a problem, or a complaint. Giving you a direct line to the underwriters in our Frederick, MD home office means you’re always in direct contact with someone empowered to make decisions and solve problems and to approve coverage based on your unique situation and requirements

Another thing we remain firmly committed to is encouraging pilot safety. We sponsor safety webinars, seminars, and other educational series designed to raise awareness of the simple ways in which you can protect yourselves and your loved ones by being a safer pilot. We regularly publish the Avemco PIREP safety articles by noted CFIs, aviation experts, and Avemco staff.  Among our initiatives is our support of the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program from the FAASTeam. Avemco recognizes the dedication of each participant by sponsoring and shipping a WINGS lapel pin, in coordination with the FAA, after each phase of the course. In honor of our 60th anniversary, we are sponsoring two new safety podcasts: Flight Safety Detectives and Flying Magazine’s I Learned About Flying From That. I encourage you to listen to both. You’ll find them as informative as they are entertaining.

Once again, from all of us here at Avemco Insurance Company, a very warm thank you and we look forward to being your insurer of choice for many more years to come! If there’s anything at all we can do to make your experience with us better, we would love to hear from you.

Safe flying!

Michael Donovan


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