Safety Rewards – You Can Also Earn Your WINGS

Marci Veronie, Senior Vice President, Avemco Insurance Company

December 2020

As we wind down what has been a historic year for all of us, we wanted to close with a safety and cost-savings reminder to our readers.

Because of our passion for helping to reduce general aviation accidents, we launched the Avemco Safety Rewards Program. The program offers a variety of ways in which pilots can save on their annual Avemco premium.  We want pilots to not only meet minimum FAA requirements and complete recognized training, but to go beyond!

We are well aware that some pilots missed out on the ability to fly earlier this year, whether it was a long-distance trip to an airshow or a short hop with friends to enjoy the infamous “$100 hamburger”.  So, while still being cautious about up close and personal gatherings, we list some ways that premium credits can still be earned, some of them from the safety of your favorite computer chair.

  • Save 5% on your annual Avemco premium by completing any FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program course, including WINGS-approved courses from training organizations such as the King Schools, ASA, Gleim, Sporty's Pilot Shop, Pilot Workshops, and other third-party providers. Click here and complete a WINGS course, or go directly to the course provider to enroll and then provide us proof of completion. Avemco is a sponsor of the FAA WINGS program and provides the WINGS lapel pins awarded to program participants.

  • Save an additional 5% when you participate in Avemco-recognized flight training. This includes many types of training relevant to the type of aircraft and the operations you fly. To qualify, the training must go beyond FAA minimums. Ask your Avemco insurance specialist to provide you details of the recognized training that applies to the airplane you fly.


  • How many times do you read “a safe pilot is always learning”?  Earn a new Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, or ATP pilot certificate and you can save 10% on your annual premium when you achieve this benchmark. Already have one of the aforementioned certificates? Go to the next level and obtain an additional aircraft rating in instrument, multiengine, seaplane, etc.

    Recently, the FAA has noted that the GA fatal accident rate, based on 100,000 hours of pilot time, has started to move to the positive (i.e., lower) side ever so slightly, which is a hopeful trend.1  By joining forces years ago with other members of the FAASTeam, to promote aviation safety awareness and training to all airmen and industry service providers, we hope that Avemco is, in some small way, contributing to the downward trend in accidents.


We take this opportunity to wish our customers and friends a safe holiday season and what will hopefully be a brighter 2021.



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Marci is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and has been with Avemco since 1986, serving the insurance needs of general aviation aircraft owners and pilots.  She holds a property/casualty insurance and life health license in all 50 states and has extensive knowledge of aviation insurance and the aircraft that Avemco covers.  Marci is active in Avemco’s loss prevention efforts by developing educational programs and training for her staff.  She has been a member of Women in Aviation International (WAI) since 2001 and a member of the local DC chapter.  In March 2015, Marci was elected to the Women in Aviation International Board of Directors and was selected as Vice-Chair of WAI in 2017. In March 2018, Marci was elected to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors of Women in Aviation International for a term of two years. In April 2019, she received the prestigious Good Company Award from Tokio Marine, and in April 2020, was nominated for the Geneva Association’s “Women in Insurance” Award.

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