Become an Avemco® FBO Partner and reap the rewards.

Earn up to $50 for each customer ($25 in Tennessee and Virginia) you refer to Avemco Insurance Company.

Simply become a member of the Avemco Partner Referral Program.

  • Partners are paid $25 every time Avemco provides a non-owner (renter) quotation.
  • Partners are paid $50 ($25 in Tennessee and Virginia) every time Avemco provides an owner’s quotation (insurance for non-commercial, general aircraft).
  • Partners are paid $25 for pilot-friendly term life insurance quoted referrals.

Even if your customer decides not to purchase a policy after receiving a quote, you will still get paid!

That’s all there is to it! We’ll send you a link that will allow us to track the source code tied specifically to your business when your customer completes an online quote. We also provide a counter rack with materials (with your source code) that explains why your customers need Avemco insurance, even if your business has its own policy to protect you from damage to rental aircraft.

*Partners writing business in Tennessee and Virginia will be paid a $25 fee for all quoted referrals, regardless of type. Not all coverages or products may be available in all jurisdictions. Avemco Insurance Company and Avemco Insurance Agency, Inc. collectively market under the service mark Avemco. Avemco Insurance Company insures general aviation aircraft and pilots and does not underwrite life insurance products. Life insurance offered through this program is provided to qualified applicants through the Avemco Insurance Agency, Inc. (Arkansas Insurance Producer License #100108872 and California License #0E63427) and underwritten by carriers that specialize in life insurance.