Flight Simulators are Worth The Trip!

Marci Veronie, Senior Vice President, Avemco Insurance Company

December 2019

Few things can enhance your piloting skills better or more cost-effectively than simulator training. A sim can help at the beginning of your training, assist you in obtaining your instrument rating, help you stay current, and improve your skillset.


Consider it the perfect opportunity to enhance your pilot skills during the long, cold winter months. And in a warm environment that lets you pause the maneuver and reset to practice it again.


For anyone who graduated from an aviation university years ago, stepping back into a simulator reveals how technology continues to explode with improvements to visualization and graphics that are phenomenal. The ability to experience a wide range of flying conditions (such as mountain flying for the first time without peril), as well as confidence-building sessions, is an invaluable tool.


Do you remember the famous US Airways plane emergency landing in the Hudson River? Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger recalled that his time spent in a simulator was helpful to him at that critical moment.


In 2016, the FAA increased the aviation training device (ATD) hours pilots can credit towards an instrument rating.  The agency also changed 141 pilot school regulations to allow more ATD credit while training at your FAA-certified flight school.  Details on these changes from the FAA may be found here.


Here at Avemco Insurance Company, we believe so strongly in the value of flight simulators that we invested in a Redbird model in 2012, that is used to introduce the basics of flight to our staff.  When you call Avemco®, you are speaking to an Aviation Insurance Specialist who, at the very least, has logged flight simulator experience and perhaps is taking flight lessons or might even be a pilot.


How important do we think sim training is? When you contact Avemco, mention that you are taking simulator sessions at your local FBO or flight school, and we’ll give you a discount on your policy*.

*Premium credits are subject to underwriting guidelines. 


Let us know what your experience has been with flight simulators by contacting us at [email protected].


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